Nigeria Current Affairs 2023 (Questions and Answers Download)

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Nigeria is located in West Africa between latitude 40 – 140 North of the equator and longitude 30 – 140 East of the Greenwich meridian.

The name Nigeria was given by Miss Flora Shaw in 1898, who later married Fredrick Lord Lugard, who amalgamated the Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria in 1914 and died in 1945.

The official language is English, and the Nation’s motto is UNITY AND FAITH, PEACE AND PROGRESS.

Table Of Content

  • Colonial Masters who ruled Nigeria before Independence between 1914 – 1960
  • Names of Heads of Government
  • Arms of Government/Names of Nigeria occupying each position
  • Service Chiefs in Nigeria
  • Heads of Law Enforcement, Paramilitary & Intelligence
  • Ministers and Portfolios
  • Head of Government Agency and Parastatals
  • Modes of Address/Officer Titles
  • Important Dates before and after Independence in Nigeria
  • Arms of Government in Nigeria
  • Six Geo-Political Zones of Nigeria
  • History of NNPC and its Managing
  • Directors from 1977 to Date
  • The Genesis of the Ebola Virus
  • Local Government Areas, Capital & Numbers of Local Government in Each State
  • The Licensed Banks of Nigeria, MD/CEO, Merge Partners & Failed Banks
  • Timeline of Historical Events in Nigeria Since 2009 to Date
  • 109 House of Senate Members, their Constituencies & Political Parties
  • Best Universities in the World, Africa & Nigeria
  • Some Nigeria Federal, State & Private Universities and Date Founded
  • Central Bank Indigenous Governors
  • Indigenous Chief Justices of Nigeria from 1958 to Date
  • Top 10 Wealthiest Men in the World
  • Richest Countries and Poorest in the World & Africa
  • Most Corrupt Countries in the World
  • Some Important Abbreviations
  • State, Capital, Creation, Slogan & Governors
  • History of Fuel Price Increase in Nigeria
  • Historical Background of OPEC
  • Senate President Since 1960 to Date
  • Speaker of the House Representatives From 1960 to Date
  • Date & Invent of World Politics
  • Date of Establishment of Nigerian Armed Forces
  • Sports
  • Registered & De-Register Political Parties in Nigeria
  • Multiple
  • The 7 Continents in the World
  • Planets and Their Distance from the Sun
  • Shortest and Tallest People in the World
  • State Creation in Nigeria
  • Nigeria Standard Dialing Codes
  • Names of INEC Chairmen from 1964 to Date
  • Famous Names of Famous Inventors and Inventions
  • Oldest & Newest Countries in the World
  • Notable World Mountains & Oceans
  • History of Nigeria’s Currency
  • Classification of African Countries
  • Nigeria Coat of Arms & Flag
  • Rights of A Citizen in a State
  • Registered & De-registered Political Parties in Nigeria
  • Names of personalities immortalized in Nigeria Currencies
  • A brief history of the Oba of Benin
  • Origin of Nigeria Police, IG’s from 1930 to Date, Badges, Rank & Flag
  • Nigeria Military Banks, Insignias and Equivalents for both Commission & Non-Commission Officers
  • About United Nations & ECOWAS
  • Past & Present Chairmen of ECOWAS
  • Members of Common Wealth Countries
  • Some Great Men & Women Achievers
  • Past & Present Winners of Africa Cup of Nation
  • Military Coup in Nigeria Since Independence
  • Some Facts About the World
  • Word Relating to Science, Arts & Government
  • Main International Organization that Nigeria Belong
  • Sea Port & Dams in Nigeria
  • Africa Countries, Capital, President & Currency
  • Banking Test & Explanatory Answers
  • Past Examination Question & Answers
  • Millennium Development Goal
  • About NDDC
  • Origin of Nigeria Immigration, Operational Structure & Rank
  • About Boko Haram Sect in Nigeria
  • History of Edo, Governor, Commissioners Local Government Areas and Headquarters

Nigeria Current Affairs 2023 Free PDF Download

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